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We’re changing the way people invest in penny stocks!

Penny Stock Publishing is an independent investment research firm dedicated to spreading the truth about penny stocks- and how to really make money with them.

Based in sunny Scottsdale, Arizona, Penny Stock Publishing was formed with one goal in mind:  to be an honest source of unbiased penny stock recommendations and research.

And rest assured, penny stocks are all we do!   Our complete focus is on finding the best strategies and tactics to profit from these explosive stocks.

We understand that penny and small-cap stocks have consistently outperformed nearly every other asset class over the last hundred years or so.  But we also know it’s an area that’s become littered with fraud and deception in the form of the infamous ‘pump and dump’.

To counter this, our experienced analysts scour the globe to find legitimate ways to generate consistent profits in penny stocks, while exposing the scams and schemes that dominate the internet right now.

To that end, our analysts employ a number of different investment strategies including value investing, short-selling, investing in biotech and internet stocks, momentum trading, and investing in junior commodity and mining companies.

Unlike most penny stock “newsletter firms” out there, we are not compensated in any way by the companies we recommend and follow.  This allows us to stay completely objective– and provide you with penny stock ideas that actually work in the real world.

It’s a key difference you’ll experience as soon as you begin putting our stock recommendations to use in your own portfolio.

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