How We’re Different

It’s no secret that penny stocks can one of the most lucrative places to invest your money.

Study after study has shown that small-cap, or penny stocks, have outperformed just about every other asset class inlcuding real estate, gold, and blue-chip stocks over the last 85 years.  Take a look:

Penny Stocks

Despite this fact, many investors struggle to successfully invest in penny stocks for any meaningful amount of time.  Sure, some investors will get “lucky” and hit a big winner every now and then.  But your average penny stock investor tends to lose some money, become disheartened and give up completely.

Why is this?

Why is it that penny stocks outperform nearly everything else, yet most people lose money with them?

The answer is simple:

The Infamous “Pump and Dump”

Because penny stocks tend to be obscure companies with little information available about them, investors are forced to use the internet to do their research.

There’s nothing wrong with that on the surface.

But if you dig a little deeper though, you’ll discover the source of the whole problem.

You see, most penny stock “newsletters” you find on the internet are perpetuating a scam that few investors seem to realize, and one that regulators are ill-equipped to deal with.

Pump and DumpIt works like this.

A penny stock newsletter advertises a free “list” that you can get on that they send free penny stock picks to.  You just give them your email address and they’ll send you a hot penny stock idea at some point in the future.

Then, they go out and find a 3rd party investor or “Investor Relations” firm that wants to unload shares of some piece-of-crap penny stock they own.

Next, the penny stock newsletter sends out an email telling everyone on their list that this particular penny stock is the greatest thing since sliced bread.

What they fail to tell these unsuspecting folks is this, the 3rd party investor or IR firm is PAYING THEM to send a glowing report on this stock to their list.

They don’t really think it’s a great stock!

They’re being paid to get regular folks to buy it!

And as the people on the list start buying, the 3rd party investor starts selling.

So, these scam artists are telling investors how wonderful this stock is, yet they’re secretly selling it as the artifical demand rises to a crescendo.

You see, the deceitful penny stock newsletter is creating a false market for the penny stock that the owners want to sell.

And it works because for a few days or weeks, the crappy stock actually rises as all these new buyers sweep in.

The problem is, this buying doesn’t last long.

Once the “insiders” have sold their stock, the bottom falls out.

The stock starts crashing as all the new suckers look to sell.  Problem is, there’s no one buying!

So the selling begins feeding on itself and the stock ends up back where it started (or lower)!

Which means a vast majority of the people on that list I was telling you about end up losing their shirts.

And the 3rd party investor and penny stock newsletter owner laugh all the way to the bank.

Then they look for their next stock and the whole thing starts over again.

Now, there is a way to profit from all this nonsense, but before I get to that, let’s look at…

The Right Way To Invest In Penny Stocks

So now that you know why most penny stock investors lose their shirt, let’s flip the coin and talk about two ways you can actually make money with these stocks.

Penny Stock ProfitsFirst, and the most straightforward, you can treat them like any other investment you’d make.

That means doing real research and finding good companies.

That means applying modern portfolio theory to manage your stocks once you find them.

And that means having the discipline to let winners run, and sell losers that aren’t working out.

If you treat penny stocks just as you would anything else you invest in, you should do just fine.

The second way to invest in penny stocks, if you’re a little more daring, is playing the ‘pump and dump’ game.

Here you try to time your entry when buying into these feeding frenzies… and shorting these stocks once they’ve peaked.

This route takes a bit of timing, but we’ve seen people do it successfully again and again.

Whichever way you decide to go, just be aware of how the way the game is played, and be sure to have a little patience!

If you do that, you can generate significant profits in relatively short amounts of time with penny stocks.

How We’re Different

Finally, let’s briefly cover how Penny Stock Publishing can help jump-start your penny stock portfolio!

We’re different than 99% of the “other” penny stock newsletters out there because of one thing:  we don’t pump up stocks because people pay us to.

We employ intelligent, experienced analysts who actually research stocks and trading strategies and use them to help our subscribers make money.

We don’t accept compensation in any form from the companies we recommend to our subscribers.  We don’t get involved in asset gathering, money management, brokerage services or banking.

All we do is publish UNIQUE and INSIGHTFUL investment research on penny stocks.

And because we’re 100% independent and unbiased, we’re able to recommend penny stocks and strategies that tend to do much better than what you’ve probably experienced before!

But we’ll leave that up to you to decide.

We’re absolutely convinced that if you sign-up for one of our premium newsletters or trading services and make money, you’ll stick around for years to come.  That’s what our whole business plan is based on…

It’s a refreshing, honest approach to penny stock investing that you won’t see a lot of on the internet.

And we’re certain it’ll change the way you invest in penny stocks forever.

But don’t just take our word for it.

Subscribe to one of our services and see for yourself… we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised!